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Legislating Preventative Health Care is a Fantasy

Ever since President Obama first started talking about health care reform, politicians have been talking about preventative medicine by legislation, but it’s all bogus. Our President said “Simply put, in the absence of a radical shift towards prevention and public health, we will not be successful in containing medical costs or improving the health of… Continue Reading

The Good News About Disease

I thought I would let you know the good news about disease, and no, it’s not that you can stay home from work. The good news is that almost all conditions you are likely to acquire can be prevented at the exact same time. Drug commercials are spending billions of dollars trying to sell you… Continue Reading

What is Whole Wheat Anyway

This is something that is important to understand, so you won’t get fooled at the supermarket. You probably already know that whole grains are good for you, and refined wheat is not so good for you. I’m not going to talk about why. (Google it) The problem is, people don’t seem to understand that multi-grain,… Continue Reading

Help for Obese Kids?

The other day I was responding to a question that went something like this. If you could give 1 health tip designed to decrease childhood obesity, what would it be? After thinking about it for a minute, I realized that I would give this health tip to anyone, assuming I could only give 1, and… Continue Reading

How Many Calories in my Drink?

If you watch any television at all, and especially sports, then by now you are no doubt aware of the battle for king of the low calorie brews. More like an all out war. I have to confess, I’m going from memory here, but I’m pretty sure Michelob Ultra started this fight with a commercial… Continue Reading

Does Research Lie?

Have you ever wondered why it seems that every time we’re told that we’re supposed to do something for our health, or eat something for our health, it’s just a matter of time before that healthy thing is no longer healthy, and we’re never supposed to do it or eat it again? Remember when you… Continue Reading